Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Wow. It's been a year.

Is anyone still there? Here?

First off, let me say, you guys are amazing. Last year, I had decided to take a break and then the whole yahoo finance thing happened and I felt really overwhelmed. I guess the thing that bothered me the most about the whole situation was I created this blog to share with Crafty people. Sewing People. I never wanted the average internet troll on my page but they found me. But it's cool. Because of you guys. You guys are so great. But I still took a lot away from the other non great people. I want to come out with a confession: I'm not very proud of 98% of anything on this Blog and I pretty much agreed with a lot of the negative comments. So now more than ever I want to improve my skills and I want to share my journey with you.

While I was away: I lost weight, took some craftsy classes, gained some weight. Lot's of weight. Then lost a lot of weight in one day.

I would like to introduce to you: 

Today he is 7 weeks old. 

Let me tell you about this crazy roller coaster that was my pregnancy. Warning TMI. 

I was doing really well with the weight loss. I was working out religiously, eating gluten free, feeling great. Then one day, at the gym, I felt something else jump with me while I was working out. Sometimes, in the morning, on my way to work, I would feel butterflies in my stomach. A week later I started to feel emotional. I was feeling sorry for myself because going gluten free was supposed to be my cure all. It was supposed to cure the PCOS so I could get a regular aunt flow, so I could finally get pregnant. One night I decided to take a test. It was positive. I looked at it and said "well, that isn't right." I called a co-worker, who used to be a nurse, to confirm that you can get a false negative, but not a false positive on a pregnancy test. John walked in, I told him, he hugged me. We had no clue how far along I was so I called the doctor the next day and they scheduled me to come in, in two weeks. GAH. We didn't want to tell anyone before we knew how far along I was because with PCOS there is a 40% chance of miscarriage. We didn't want to get everyone excited and then have to tell them crushing news. As you can tell by now I'm a big pessimist. Two days before my appointment I had a scare and they told me to come in. There they realized I was a lot further along than 12 weeks.....more like 25 weeks. I cried. I cried like a baby. I was so scared that this guy would come out deformed. I had my wisdom teeth removed during pregnancy, I haven't been taking any prenatals, I transplanted 8 shrubs in my yard. We immediately told our family that day and the rest is history. He is strong, healthy, and happy. 

A lot of people think looking back I'm sure that I could tell. Nope. I never was sick, I never felt any different prior to six months of pregnancy. I even lost ten pounds in month 3.

I wanted to really get back on this blog to share everything. My whole pregnancy journey, month by month, preparing, but seriously with 3 1/2 months left to prepare and a husband in school there wasn't enough time in the world. 

Going Gluten free wasn't my cure because I was already pregnant when I started that diet. But I believe the exercise was. I had read a lot of success stories that a lot of exercise and eating right (no cheat days) worked for women who had PCOS and they inspired me. I'm so glad I did. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and made changes that worked. I gained 50lbs with my pregnancy and I have already lost 30. But I still don't weight as much as I did 3 years ago and I'm really proud of that. 

Anyway. Why am I back? This little guy has inspired me to get back in the sewing room. I didn't make a lot of things for him while I was pregnant (because there wasn't enough time) but I have already started making things for him and me and I can't wait to show you! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yahoo Finance link and Homemade Laundry detergent

If you are here because of the yahoo finance link Please note that I am not Danielle from Blissful and Domestic. I am not a stay at home mother, and I am not living off of a income of $14,000 a year. Danielle is a very sweet girl who helped me out a lot early on. I took down the post for the home made laundry detergent due to major traffic that caused my blog to crap out.  I did not think up that recipe, I found it on pinterest and shared it. I don't know who the first one who thought of it was but here are links that you can find with the recipe:
I can teach my child 
Being Creative
So much ado
How does she She also uses laundry crystals!
Thy hand hath provided - If you prefer liquid look here!

Hello and Goodbye

I have been quiet lately and I have finally decided to post something since all of a sudden I have a crap ton new followers. I put something on facebook about a month ago but failed to inform my actual followers here. I have decided I am going on a small hiatus. I need a mental and craft break.

With new followers also comes awesome negative comments. Seriously, mean people are you that bored in life? Had to share my two new favorite negative comments.

Maybe you should take a course in English and grammar at a community college. Your blog is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors; so much so that it distracts from the blog itself.
My response: Nothing. Cause he's right I no speak english well. It says that in the about me section, but whatevs.

You will need to go an buy yourself some clothes because what you are showing is not a good look for you are any one else. Go when it is on sale you will get better quality of clothing outfits or get some patterns and sew from them. You are making yourself look older in the clothes you are wearing. You'll need a great make over....when you put it out there your family only lives on 14thousand dollars a year and you are a stay at home mother.....find something because I am also a mother who stay at home and I'm a divida mother in her "50" always do something for yourself and stop selling yourself short.....pleasing a husband....that real

Sorry I couldn't contain myself this time. This was my response:
Are you mentally unstable? I am not Danille from Blissful and Domestic. I work 50 hour week, go to the gym, make dinner, and please the fuck out of my husband. I don't even have a kid let alone am I a stay at home mother.  Since you are a stay at home mother you should take your own advice and find something better to do than find blogs and post rude comments to them. This is a really old post and I was not comfortable in my own skin since I was 20 pounds heavier and I am currently still struggling to lose weight. This is also my least favorite item I have ever made and constructive criticism is always welcome but your rude comment was uncalled for. 
But I am glad to hear you use your husbands money to purchase awesome clothes that people can judge how awesome you are because you are obviously ever so stylish and thanks for correcting me in the error in my ways- the only thing that does matters is what's on the outside and what people wear
Was that too harsh? My bad.

Now, I'm not leaving because of two bad apples. Really after years of middle school bullying I have way tougher skin than that. I am leaving because I am exhausted. I can't keep up with it anymore. I work a full time job and I no longer have time to do projects, take pictures, edit pictures, write, about what's in the pictures, upload it all, and upload through out the week to other blog's link parties. And you have to look all cute in all the pictures or you will get nasty comments that will say you are making yourself look older than what you actually are. Cause god forbid you walk out of the house without any eyeliner on. Lord almighty.  Also, my husband is working full time and going to school at nights so any free time I have, It's going all to him.
Thank you to everyone who actually liked me (You like me, you really like me) and for all of your love and support. I may be back. I may not. Right now my plan is to work on perfecting my sewing skills because, honestly, i'm angry with myself that I'm not improving. It's the blind leading the blind in that sewing room and I'm officially tired of it.  I'm going to take some professional classes this summer and once I am all fit and lean and sewing clothes that I actually love I might be back.
I put on facebook that I plan to post stuff on my facebook page but I can't promise you it's going to actually happen. Right now I am just focusing on losing weight and getting healthy. Thanks again. Live, Long, and Prosper.

I forgot to mention my husband (John Boy) works full time and is going to school at night so any of my free time is going all to him. He also usually helps me around the house a lot and I have been really feeling the pain of not having him around so much. I've had to pick up a few more chores to try and make his life a little less stressful which is making me go stir crazy. But i'm not complaining because he is going to school to better our future. Just right now we are both a little stressed and any free time is going to homework for him and rest and relaxation for me.
Because of all of your wonderful and loving comments I have decided I will be back but I just need some time to get healthy and relax.
Thanks again guys. You are the best.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Hutch and stealing more ideas from Pinterest

When I cleaned my kitchen cabinets out I pulled all of cake decorating stuff out because I had acculmulated so much I could no longer keep it in the kitchen cabinets. So it all got moved here: 

 In a bunch of boxes all unorganized. 

So I finally decided to put a stop to it and bought myself a new Christmas present: 
I know I am a crafty person but I have learned something new about my self. I do not have the time, skill, or patience to refinish furniture. I give it to you women (and men) out there that do this all the time. I don't even like to wait for my nail polish to dry let alone paint. 
So that's why I opted to buy a hutch instead of hunt down an old one and refinish it. I have been on the look out forever for a hutch this size that I could refinish but have been coming up short. I officially got tired of looking so when I saw this one on amazon for half the price at the end of the year I just broke down and bought it. I am really happy that I did buy it but I wish I could have found one I could have refinished because I like the look of them better and they are money saver. 

Any way, now all my cake decorating supplies are all organized and everything has it's own spot. Lets see how long it lasts. 

But my new hutch looks a little lonely in the corner. 

All by myself, don't want to be all by myself, anymore....

After seeing a few ideas on pinterest I decided to make my own

I bought a roll of cork from ACMoore and 3 frames from the Christmas Tree Store which were only $4 a piece. If you don't know what the Christmas Tree Store you should probably find the nearest store. Right now. Go. It's ok I will wait. Seriously, best freaking store ever. It's like crack. 

Anywhoo, glad your back from the christmas tree store. 
Measure and Cut the cork to fit the frame. 

Using left over burlap from this project I traced a design on it

And filled in the design with paint. Let it dry

Frame and hang on the wall. 
Now you can print out anything and have it easily displayed. 
These are our kids:  

Maybe I feel like having motivational baking signs

Maybe I want to be funny: 

Whatever mood I am in, it's nice to know I don't have to pull the frames off the wall and change out the picture and it's a lot quicker now. Maybe I will actually start printing out pictures I take now. 

That's all for my pinterest redecorating my kitchen month. Off to some new projects that I have already half started! 

Happy Corking! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New and Old Table Centerpiece

I am back finishing up some of my pinterest projects to redecorate the kitchen today. I've actually gotten a lot of stuff completed but haven't had a chance to blog anything yet.  
My inspiration for my new table centerpiece is this picture of a pretty little candle votive. 

I love the deep purple and green with the brown twine tied around it. It's very rustic but still very pretty and feminine. 

I purchased a roll of twine and these blue cat tail looking flowers from Joann Fabrics. The glass is actually a flower vase that I already had on hand - flowers from JB of course.

Trimmed the flowers to the same height as the glass. 

You can put flowers or a candle in the vase to create a different look. I stuffed the leaves from the fake flowers in the bottom. I am really happy with my new centerpiece especially since I was able to upcycle the vase and move it out from a closet where it wasn't being used. 

For more instructions on the table runner check out this post.  

This is what my table centerpiece used to look like: 
The reason I really needed something new on the table (besides that the old arrangement looked like crap) is do you see those little dangly things coming out of the arrangement? Well, apparently those things are like crack to cats. The bad boys are CONSTANTLY on the table playing with them and running off with them so I finally said enough was enough and wanted to get them off the table ASAP. I didn't want to throw away the flowers away so I added them to a brown wicker wreath I bought at JoAnnes. 

I cut off the stems of the flowers, painted a wooden letter F, and made a bow using burlap leftover from this project, and hot glued them all to the wreath. 
It's a little too fall looking for the middle of January so I am going to keep it at my side door until leaves start falling and then I will move it to the front door. 

 My new wreath was inspired by these pinterest projects:
            Source                                                     No Source :(

It feels really good finally completing projects I see and pin on pinterest. But does anybody else ever fell bad about posting things that are basically complete ripoffs of others people's work? 
Are you starting off the new year right by completing pinterest projects? 

Happy Pinning!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Moo Moo of Doom

I'm taking a quick break from my Pinterest Project Month to do a quick thrift store redo. I went to a party last night and a good friend asked me what I had been working on lately and when I realized I had nothing to report it made me sad. Zip. Nada. No Dice. 
So I had to fix that. This piece had been sitting in my closet for a while because I was trying to figure out what the hell to do with it. I grabbed it from the thrift store because of it's beautiful colors and floral pattern and it had a shit ton of fabric. Seriously. Shit ton of fabric. This bitch could have a double life as a circus tent. 


Some Say this moo-moo took over a small village in the Himalayas. 
Some say this moo-moo auditioned for American Idol and Simon Cal liked it. 
Some say this moo-moo once ate a small dog in the swamp lands known as Florida. 
All I know is it's called the Moo-Moo of DOOM! 

Name aside, this was actually a really quick fun project. It was actually the easiest fix I have ever completed and it only took me an hour to complete - I think this must mean I'm getting better at this.  

First, I cut the top off were all the fabric was gathered so I could get a better idea of how much fabric I was dealing with. 

Sorry for the half baked look and the mess. 
It's safe to say my first metric unit of measurement was correct. I was dealing with a shit ton of fabric. The moo-moo was made up of 8 panels of fabric sown together. I found the largest panel and made that the "front" so there would be no seam going down the front. I pulled the dress around to see where the dress should end and wouldn't you know it, where I wanted the dress to end there were two seams that met in that same spot. 

So I cut the excess off on both sides where the two seams met where I wanted the dress to end. 

I serged the ends together. 
Now I am back to a form of a dress it's just much smaller. 

Cut a straight line (Shocking I can even do this) at the top. Where I originally cut at the top wasn't very straight because of the arm pits. 
Make a casing at the top making sure it's slightly bigger than the piece of elastic that's going to hold this piece clothing over top your boobs. Because a nice day at the beach should not end in ticket for indecent exposure. Cause that's just not cool, man. 
 Using an Iron to press down the edge. Pin. 
 Sew the edge of the casing 
Just don't sew all the way around leave a little whole so you can feed the elastic through. 

Before we continue I would like to talk to you boys and girls about elastic. You would think elastic wouldn't be that big of a deal, but sadly it is. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ONLY BUY NON-ROLL ELASTIC. DO NOT BUY ROLLABLE ELASTIC FOR CLOTHING. IF THE ONLY THING YOU LISTEN TO ME ON THIS ENTIRE BLOG IS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ONLY BUY NON-ROLL ELASTIC. Don't even look at the other stuff.

 Using a safety pin at one end of the elastic, 

feed the elastic through the casing all the way though until it comes out through the other side.  

Try on the dress real quick and get it adjusted to the amount of elastic you need.

 Trim excess elastic off and sew it to itself. 

Yea it's not pretty but it will work. 

Finish up by sewing the hole of the casing closed. 

You can even add your own clothing labels. 

That's It! This project had absolutely no screaming involved, no hissy fits, and no rage quitting  Which is a first for me. Having a a-line halter top is a first for me because Regina George and I have man shoulders. But I have been feeling a little more confident lately from hitting the gym. I can really tell how much weight I've lost from the before and after picture. The before picture is from June 24th 2012. 

So you can wear it as a cute bathing suit cover for the beach. All you need is some sun glasses, a beach bag, a towel, and a drink. Oh look I just happen to have all of that.....

OR if you don't want to wear it as a beach cover you can pair it with a belt and have a pretty new dress.

Or you can combine both out fits. Because a drink really goes with any outfit. 

And if your a recovering alcoholic and your reading this blog fear not because it's just orange juice in that glass.

I still have fabric from the back of the dress leftover. To make this dress I only used the front. I could have made two of these dresses and it only cost me $6.00 for the dress from the thrift store and elastic.
Also, no comments about the white ass legs. It's January. Give me a break. 

Happy Screwdriving!