Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Hutch and stealing more ideas from Pinterest

When I cleaned my kitchen cabinets out I pulled all of cake decorating stuff out because I had acculmulated so much I could no longer keep it in the kitchen cabinets. So it all got moved here: 

 In a bunch of boxes all unorganized. 

So I finally decided to put a stop to it and bought myself a new Christmas present: 
I know I am a crafty person but I have learned something new about my self. I do not have the time, skill, or patience to refinish furniture. I give it to you women (and men) out there that do this all the time. I don't even like to wait for my nail polish to dry let alone paint. 
So that's why I opted to buy a hutch instead of hunt down an old one and refinish it. I have been on the look out forever for a hutch this size that I could refinish but have been coming up short. I officially got tired of looking so when I saw this one on amazon for half the price at the end of the year I just broke down and bought it. I am really happy that I did buy it but I wish I could have found one I could have refinished because I like the look of them better and they are money saver. 

Any way, now all my cake decorating supplies are all organized and everything has it's own spot. Lets see how long it lasts. 

But my new hutch looks a little lonely in the corner. 

All by myself, don't want to be all by myself, anymore....

After seeing a few ideas on pinterest I decided to make my own

I bought a roll of cork from ACMoore and 3 frames from the Christmas Tree Store which were only $4 a piece. If you don't know what the Christmas Tree Store you should probably find the nearest store. Right now. Go. It's ok I will wait. Seriously, best freaking store ever. It's like crack. 

Anywhoo, glad your back from the christmas tree store. 
Measure and Cut the cork to fit the frame. 

Using left over burlap from this project I traced a design on it

And filled in the design with paint. Let it dry

Frame and hang on the wall. 
Now you can print out anything and have it easily displayed. 
These are our kids:  

Maybe I feel like having motivational baking signs

Maybe I want to be funny: 

Whatever mood I am in, it's nice to know I don't have to pull the frames off the wall and change out the picture and it's a lot quicker now. Maybe I will actually start printing out pictures I take now. 

That's all for my pinterest redecorating my kitchen month. Off to some new projects that I have already half started! 

Happy Corking! 


  1. Maybe you should take a course in English and grammar at a community college. Your blog is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors; so much so that it distracts from the blog itself.

    1. I agree with anonymous. I'm a professional writer/editor and understand that sometimes typos and grammatical errors can distract. However, there are nicer ways of conveying your frustration. Perhaps you could offer to copy edit it for her or playfully poke fun rather than taking such a harsh tone. Just sayin'!

    2. Thanks Jenny! I really appreciate it!

  2. I don't really understand why people have to be so negative here. It even states in her "about me" that she writes exactly how she talks, and that negative comments will not be tolerated. This blog is something that represents her and I think it's fun and unique. That's exactly what kind of personality she has. I think her work is amazing and she's great at what she does. This blog is about her work not her grammer skills.

  3. Freaking LOVE the frame idea, with the cork board, bloody ingenious girl! Also LOVE the Many Have Eaten, Few Have Died sign, I am SOOOOO stealing that for my own kitchen!

    As to the negative comments, well haters gonna hate, but Karma is a Bitch and she will get them some day! I say have fun and enjoy life and all it offers and tell the haters to screw off! (this coming from a 32yr old mom of 2 who is a little over weight and has bright pink hair, yup I said PINK! Think Barbie's corvette pink!)

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  5. I LOVE the "many have eaten here, few have died" sign! I want one for my kitchen!
    Kimberly in NC

  6. Okay, this is officially brilliant. I am The Crafty-Anti-Christ. Seriously. No craftiness at all. Now I will stun my mother when I make a parody of this for my (incredibly artistic) sons' artwork. [Why did I sign them up for weekly art lessons? I'm changing the art in those !*#^%&* frames weekly for hell's sake! Ack!]
    Thanks for finding the inspiration and sharing it!