Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lace Overlay Top

I got this weird see through dressy jacket thing from a local thrift store a long, long time ago, actually during a sale -my favorite time to go thrift store shopping. I had finished looking through everything and had already checked out, started walking toward the door when this beauty caught the corner of my eye. It was hanging on a newly tagged, just came in, not even made it to the general public clothing rack. I stole it before anyone else could get it (like anyone would really fight me for it). I turned around back to the register and paid for this item for $5.00.

Once upon a time my original plan was to make this in a layered/lace skirt but thanks to the joy of Pinterest I have been seeing a lot of lacey tops that I have been envying and I am also really, really, really tired of making skirts. 
1) You will fork over $69 for the The cute lace overlay tank from Boston Proper.
2) The burgandy lace tee is only $70.00 from Top Shop. (Only $70 are you freaking kidding me?)
3) And last but not least the Lace Dreams Top from Francescas Collections is a whopping $44

These prices are ridiculous so I took this inspiration and made my own.  
Cut away excess length
Fold shirt in side out and then in half. Button the buttons together
Sew the front center placket of the dress shirt together. Sew along the edge ensuring you don't sew ontop the placket. If you sew along the edge you will have a nice straight, seamless back seam. 
Cut away excess from the front center placket. Keep the buttons for future projects! 

Cut off the hideous collar
Also remove the sleeves 
Using a T-shirt as a pattern to determine the size of the 
I gave myself an inch because T-shirts stretch, this fabric fabric does not. 

Serge or sew the front and the back of each side together. 
Instead of using pins to keep the hem folded down I always iron. 
To make a standard hem: fold 3/4, iron, fold another 3/4 again, and iron again. 
Iron down the hem on the sleeves, collar, and bottom. 
Sew a hem on  sleeves, collar, and bottom. On the bottom and collar I sewed a double hem to keep the fabric from puckering. 
Insert any tags you might have under them hem prior to sewing. 

I can wear this with any color. Here is a picture with a white undershirt but I have to say I love this more with a colored undershirt. 

Do you see the back seam? That's where the buttons once were. That's right this back was originally the front of the shirt. I swear it's not crooked, it's just how the shirt is pulling around my fat rolls. 

Again, This only cost $5.00 and I have lots of scraps left over for a few future projects. 

This project was so much fun and I got some great pictures. I am so happy I got my mojo back! 



  1. love the center back seam and the end result! and for only $4!

  2. Love it - best before and after ever! I'm with you, I like it over the colored shirts best!

  3. Love this idea!!! I've been wanting a lace shirt for awhile, but haven't found the right one. Now I'd I can just find the perfect lace piece to refashion...
    Alesha <3

  4. Love it!! Keep up the great work!

  5. What a cool blog you have...I love it! I'm your newest follower :).


  6. I agree I like it better with a colored under shirt but it looks awesome either way. Can't beat style like that for only $5. Great job.

    Visiting from Whimsically Homemade.

  7. I love the lace here (no images of Billy Ray, thank goodness ;)

    Visiting from Sew Can Do and now a new follower!

  8. This is really awesome! Great makeover! I like the colored shirt, too and you can keep changing it up.

  9. Wow thanks guys for all the love and comments it's really appreciated!

  10. Very cute and who would have thunk it.

  11. Nice work! I came over here via Sew Much Ado & I'm your newest follower. Keep it up!

  12. Hi, Amy Kay! I came here throught C&C, and a loved so much that I saw your Blog way down to the first post! I love your refashions, so I'm your newest follower!
    I loved all the refashions you have done so far. Keep on doing them, girl! Oh, and I laughted a lot with your comments (in small letters)on your posts. You are funny! Kisses from Portugal, Helena A.

  13. Oh, Amy! Aren't you just so clever! I love it! -Marci